Your satisfied employees = the success of your company on the market

This is a success equation. The principle of high efficiency of individuals and the whole company is to build and develop employee satisfaction, which leads to their higher engagement and loyalty and determines success and profitability of the company.

Do you know which factors and to what extent influence the satisfaction of „your“ particular employees? Ask them through us... We have developed a sophisticated and thorough methodic and know-how, based on long-term experience of our staff in HR and different kinds of surveys.

The purpose of the employee satisfaction survey

The purpose of the employee satisfaction survey is to identify „strengths“, areas you can be proud of and build on as an employer. These help you to keep your employees satisfied, loyal and motivated. At the same time you can identify so called „development needs“ – i.e. factors, that employees perceive as „inhibiting factors“. Based on the output employer can clearly evaluate and make a decision to take specific action to achieve improvement.

Practical solutions for you

We do not bother our clients with descriptive statistical theories, we offer highly practical solutions, which meet your particular needs – „we tailor surveys to your needs“. We have a highly flexible system that is possible to adapt in terms ranging from surveyed areas, levels, selection of individual questions- items setting of scale up to individual form of output – i.e. report in a way to meet your specific needs. Form of realization is also upon agreement with our client – it is possible to carry out the survey on-line (especially in Office types of companies), or „pen & paper“ form - i.e. paper questionnaire is filled in by employees in pen (especially in production companies) or a combined way on-line/pen & paper).

The results of the survey

The results of the survey are published in a final report::

  •     quantitative – i. e. degree of satisfaction presented numerically in each area/question (average grade, percentage % - graphical presentation )
  •     qualitative – i. e. verbal comments of employees to each assessed area (interpreted by our consultant)

Our clients appreciate the report is transparent, comprehensible and practical. Results can easily be read from graphs and figures.

Action plan for improvement

But our work is not finished with a presentation of the results. As the next step we offer you workshops, during which we can together suggest a particular and specific Action plan for improvement in your company, together with delegating responsibilities. During an agreed period of implementation of the action plan we are available to assist you with our HR consultancy services.

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